Mobile Inspection App
Data Driven Operations
Remote Application Capability
Stay Open Platform

Mobile Inspection Application

Maximize inspectors’ time in the field by eliminating manual, desk-dependent data entry and access.

  • Your specific inspection workflow is built into the system
  • All data required for the site inspection will automatically load onto the device and be available, even off-line
  • Digital tools including photo annotation, satellite image capture and smart routing
  • Automated generation of corrective actions document for signature

Data-Driven Operations

Centralize information about the sites and materials regulated for visibility into inspection status and agency priorities.

  • Effectively map routes and schedules
  • Real-time visibility into inspection results and action items
  • AI-powered risk index helps prioritize work and schedules
  • Assign inspections to best-fit inspectors based on experience, location, and availability

Remote Inspection Capability

Protect the health and safety of inspectors and community while efficiently reducing backlogs.

  • Determine eligibility for remote inspection with AI-generated risk and complexity score
  • Conduct remote inspections within the platform via video call
  • Automate inclusion of all evidence captured in video call into the inspection report
  • Enable self-inspections



AR Inspect's Stay Open solution is an innovative digital platform that enables business not only to reopen but to stay open by providing evidence-based compliance with new COVID mitigation measures.

We are offering a critical module complimentary until a vaccine is found because that’s our mission – Get America to STAY OPEN. Find out about our Stay Open offering that helps businesses operate safely.

Modernize in days, not years

Built to work right out of the “box,” ARInspect can be up and running in a matter of weeks. The intuitive interface enables quick adoption by field and office staff, helping your organization meet digital mandates and goals.

The ARInspect solution is flexible, able to scale up as your needs change.



Increase Inspectors' time in field by 50%
Increase number of inspections by 25%
Catch violations before they do harm
Honest companies benefit when bad actors are held accountable
It's not magic, it's the power of data. See how ARInspect is revolutionizing how inspections get done -- resulting in safer communities across our world.