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ARInspect is more than forms and digital workflow automation; it helps you make field
operations smart and intelligent. AI/ML-powered platform accelerates, enhances, and prioritizes
your field inspections based on risk scores.

90% in-field time for field officers

With single-point field inspections, investigations, surveys or audits, ARInspect eliminates double
entries, paper-based forms and manual processes. ARInspect frees up time from administrative
burden and enables field officers to spend 90% of their time in the field.

Zero paper – 100%
digitized field operations

ARInspect, the only AI-powered platform that makes inefficient pen-paper based in-field inspections and processes 100% digital, simple and intelligent. ARInspect helps you with smart planning, comprehensive single-point inspections and contextual insights to help mitigate risks and enable 100% compliance.

Zero paper – 100% digitized field operations

What our clients have to say

“Time savings and ease - Now inspection is down to 10 minutes from 2-3 hours. Inspectors are now spending time in the field and doing more productive work. They just didn’t give us an app, ARInspect team has been with us every step of the way.”


”ARInspect received rave reviews. I believe the word magical was used, as well as 100% improvement – so you have the field team’s seal of approval.”


“ARInspect is sleek and intuitive. It allows easy configurability, fast turnaround, ability to change quickly, easy configuration for checklists and forms - better than other tools in the market. Great combination of automation with intelligence.”


Artificial intelligence
for risk prediction and
disaster prevention

Industry’s only AI-based risk prediction intelligence. ARInspect’s RPDP IntelligenceTM is an advanced AI – Machine Learning algorithm that analyzes all historical data from inspections, investigations, violations, census data, past and current environmental events to help you identify sites, assets and facilities with the most risk. It creates a risk index to help you prioritize inspections, mitigate risk and prevent disasters.

ARI BotTM for
automated scheduling
and smart routing

Our ARI BotTM is trained with AI/ML algorithms to automatically schedule field inspections for each field officer based on historical data, risk scores and geographical locations. ARI creates a smart route for each inspector for the day by looking at site locations, drive distance, traffic and weather conditions that utilizes their time most efficiently and ensures assigned inspections are completed.

Automated scheduling and routing by AI BOT
Offline-first mobile native platform

Offline-first mobile
native platform

ARInspect is created with a mobile-first approach. We understand the challenges inspectors run into when conducting inspections at various sites that may not have internet signal. Unlike other systems that require field officers to manually download each assignment; ARInspect automatically downloads required data for assignments and syncs back when the internet signal becomes available without inspectors having to do anything manually – zero time wastage.

Built-in smart tools

Field officers don’t need to carry specialized equipment and tools to the field anymore. ARInspect’s tablet platform has built-in tools that make field work quick and complete. ARInspect comes ready with RFID scanner, image recognition, OCR, AR measurement, GPS tracking, aerial imaging, geo tagging, multimedia support with annotations, voice annotations, and heatmaps.

Built-in smart tools
 Go live in days and see ROI in the first 30 days

Go live in days and see
ROI in the first 30 days

ARInspect’s platform is easy to configure for your workflows, checklists and integrates seamlessly with all your systems and data sources. Say goodbye to lengthy system implementations that go on for months. With ARInspect you are up and running in matter of days and see ROI in the first 30 days.

Impact delivered by our platform

2 Million+

inspections conducted


elimination of paper


efficiency gain
by ARI Bot


data points


increase in
compliance rate



Trusted by agencies
for 100% digitized field work

Making field work smarter
is easier than you think.

See the power of ARInspect to make your field operations super efficient, 100% digital, and data-driven.

Making field work smarter is easier than you think.