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Field operations use cases

Simplifying safety and field operation processes, increasing productivity, and facilitating
data-driven decisions across many industries.

Environmental Protection

Transform environmental inspections from an arduous and time-consuming process to a completely hassle-free and automated one. Mitigate environmental risks by protecting land, air quality, and water supply. Manage waste effectively while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance as per EPA standards with digitized and intelligent field work.

Air quality management

Air pollution continues to be one of the most significant environmental health risks today. ARInspect helps ensure clean air as per the Clean Air Act by monitoring “criteria” air pollutants and attainment from chemical plants, factories, and utilities. With AI-powered data insights, you can make informed decisions that protect your people and assets from harmful pollutants.

Waste management

ARInspect helps you with effective hazard assessment and ensures proper waste management for food, solid waste, medical waste, and radioactive waste. Ensure environmental safety with digitized inspections of facilities for collecting, handling, processing, storing, and disposal of waste.

Land management

Automate land management inspections lifecycle for effective land protection, development, and planning. Cater to the needs of citizens with intelligent and timely inspections for public land protection, permit, license and lease.

Water management

Safeguard all water resources for water distribution, storage, and recycling. Leverage the power of AI to identify potential risk sites for potential contamination at the source.

Underground storage tanks

Ensure compliance of underground storage tanks and use Risk Index for contamination, corrosion, cracking, rusting for sites and facilities.


Carry out field inspections, investigations, and audits for transportation infrastructure and assets to ensure the highest level of safety for roads, bridges, tunnels, public transport, school buses, and transportation fleet using our smart mobile platform with zero paper.

Bridges & roads

From ensuring structural integrity to capturing 360-degree information about conditions, and damages to bridges and roads, ARInspect’s mobile field operations platform makes it easy and efficient to capture all data. Risk Prediction intelligence identifies high-risk items and automatically creates remediations reports to help your agency ensure safe and smooth travels.

School bus safety

ARInspect equips state and local agencies as well as school bus fleet operators to carry out daily, monthly, and quarterly inspections to ensure adherence to vehicle safety and security measures, regulatory compliance, and share data using a single mobile platform.

Public transport – Railways and public buses

With automated rail safety inspections, accident investigations, and audits, ARInspect helps ensure safety measures are in place and swift actions are taken to ensure accident-free railroads. Ensure regulatory compliance of all public transport vehicles with automatic scheduling.

Aviation operations

Conduct regulatory field work for airfields, all aviation operations, and passenger and staff safety measures using pre-configured forms, and built-in smart tools with GPS capabilities.

Fleet management

Fleet operators can now conduct extensive maintenance inspections of all vehicles, centrally manage all maintenance records and share reports with government agencies.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Carry out asset and site inspections of electric, oil and gas utility facilities on an all-in-one mobile tablet platform. Prevent outages and disasters, assess damages, and ensure 100% compliance with ARInspect’s Risk Prediction and Disaster Prevention (RPDP) intelligence to prioritize the inspections and surveys.

Fuel stations

Ensure compliance to US EPA regulations with configurable checklists to track and document fueling station servicing, fuel recovery, fuel quality, storage tanks, and emergency protocols.

Oil & Gas drilling

There are high-level risks associated with the extraction, storage, and transportation of oil and gas. Effectively conduct oil and gas drilling facilities’ scheduled inspections and event-based investigations and audits.

Storage & handling

Organize periodic inspections using our mobile platform to conduct integrity testing and routinely inspect the health and safety of above-ground bulk storage tanks and pipelines.

Oil & Gas leaking

ARInspect mobile platform is equipped to help you capture investigation details for oil leaks, spills, or other potential integrity or structural issues before they can cause a mishap.


From ensuring homes and facilities are free of harmful chemicals to make sure proper patient care, infection control, and compliance of food establishments and hotels; ARInsect’s digital field operations platform empowers local and state public health agencies to enforce strict health standards and protect lives.


ARInspect is designed to enable comprehensive facilities inspections for asbestos, lead, multi-metal, mold, PCB, radon, respirable crystalline silica, TCLP, and drinking water testing in public, commercial and private facilities.

Radiation control

With ARInspect, you can automate your regulatory agency activities to protect and protect radiation sources used in medicine, industry, agriculture, and research. Swiftly respond to radiation exposure incidents with integrated data and workflows. Manage all scheduled inspections of nuclear, radiation control, radioactive waste management, and transport safety as per radiation control regulations.

Restaurants & Hotels

Conduct comprehensive inspections of hospitals, nursing homes, in-patient and outpatient clinics for facilities, food, patient-care protocols, certifications, and drugs, chemicals, and bio waste handling to ensure optimum care and adherence to state health regulatory standards.

In-home care

Following a recommended safety checklist, perform thorough inspections or incident investigations of in-home care providers for patient care delivery processes and strict adherence to health and patient safety regulations.

Medical care facilities

Conduct 360-degree inspections of food establishments and hotels on a tablet, capture all compliance and violation details with built-in smart tools. ARInspect’s Risk Prediction intelligence helps identify high-risk establishments and automatically schedules inspections. Ensure compliance with FDA, safety, and sanitary regulations.

Facilities & Assets

Leverage rich facility and assets data for safety, proactive maintenance, capital planning, protection, regulatory compliance, and sustainability. Our platform allows you to enforce security and safety protocols and efficiently safeguard and manage assets.

Physical security

Ensure compliance of physical security personnel deployed in public and commercial establishments for procedures and measures of safety protocols.

Distressed assets

Prevent financial losses by effectively managing inspections and periodic audits of distressed properties, vehicles, and assets.

Asset management

With ARInspect’s 100% digitized platform, you’ll know how your equipment is operating at all times, so you can ensure that it’s in good working order.


Ensure 100% compliance and rhttps://arinspect.com/see-a-demo/educe accidents of unfired pressure vessels, such as air and water storage tanks, low-pressure boilers, and fired storage water heaters.


Carry elevator and escalator safety inspections as per elevator code and effectively manage the investigation of accidents and complaints by citizens with our automated and intelligent platform.


Agricultural inspections play a critical role in keeping invasive plant and animal pests and diseases in check. Ensure food safety with our completely paperless and automated mobile platform. Protect your crops and ensure food safety with digitized field inspection management.

Food safety

ARInspect is an AI-driven inspection platform that helps ensure the quality and safety of food and agricultural commodities in the entire supply chain.

Product labeling

Work with the built-in comprehensive forms and checklists that assist in enforcing food packaging label regulations and capturing violations.

Weight & measures

With ARInspect’s built-in smart tools, you can ensure that equity prevails in all transactions involving determinations of quantity and measurement labeling on consumer and commercial products.

Meat and dairy processing

Protect the health and welfare of consumers by ensuring that livestock used in the production of meat and poultry products are disease-free. With automated inspections and investigations, ensure enforcement of USDA and FDA policies.


Manage livestock inspections for health and markings for ownership, sale, control, and transport and investigations for neglect and ownership disputes.

Natural Disaster & Hazard

The ARInspect platform is built with a robust AI-driven algorithm – Risk Prediction Disaster Prevention (RPDP) intelligence – that helps you identify high-risk facilities and sites to prevent disasters. Our digitized platform makes it easy to swiftly respond to natural disasters, capture detailed damage scenarios, and assist in deploying the right resources promptly to save lives and rebuild communities.

Disaster assessment

Use AI-assisted assessment with forms for capturing the impact of natural or unnatural disasters as per FEMA guidelines. Use built-in smart tools to capture images, videos, and voice notes along with GIS mapping and satellite imaging for recording every on-ground detail.

Fire and Rescue

Manage all routine fire and rescue inspections to identify foreseeable fire and rescue risks to communities inside homes, restaurants, schools, shopping centers, offices, and public establishments. Capture every incident and use data-driven insights to ensure fire safety.

Hazard mitigation

ARInspect’s proprietary RPDP (Risk Prediction and Disaster Prevention) intelligence helps you identify potential hazards based on risk profile and index to mitigate potential risk in a timely manner.

Disaster response

Send and receive critical updates, real-time tracking, and vital information with teams in the field, first responders, and all stakeholders.

Emergency Management

Review emergency plan intervals and maintain documentation to demonstrate compliance with OSHA, EPA, and ISO requirements.

Labor Safety

Enforcement of regulations relating to work conditions and the protection of workers in workplaces and mines is critical to protect lives. ARInspect’s mobile platform for occupational safety and health administration equips agencies to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations to prevent incidents, injuries, and avoid health hazards to workers.

Workplace safety

ARInspect helps you enforce OSHA safety and health requirements in the workplace, capture violations, and easily conduct audits with artificial intelligence for risk index and prevention.

Mine Safety

ARInspect helps you manage risks associated with mining operations, including workers’ safety, regulatory compliance, and environmental impact.

Making field inspections smarter is easier than you think.

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Making field work smarter is easier than you think.