Augmented RPA Platform for EHS

ARInspect’s Augmented RPA Platform is a powerful suite of RPA products that combine out-of-the-box features with flexible configuration options to create the most advanced kit for insights, inspections, assessments, and enforcement. The RPA powered platform delivers modernized end-to-end operations in months (not years) and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of every agency or organization.


Mobile Inspection Application


Maximize inspector’s time in the field, by eliminating manual processes and data entry. Your specific inspection workflow is built into the system so that all needed information and supporting materials can be captured and accessed digitally. This includes checklists, photos, maps, communication with regulated businesses, as well as integration with office networks for in-field data access.


Back-Office Portal

Centralize information about the sites and businesses you regulate. Manage your inspection teams using data to prioritize high-risk inspections and more effectively map routes. Get immediate visibility into inspection results and action items while inspectors are still in the field.


Dashboard & Analytics


Improve operational decision making and easily public-facing data visualizations with configurable dashboards and reporting tools to enable data-based decision making. Inspectors can better prepare for inspections and managers can better prioritize work based on agency priorities as well as risk.

Client Quote


“The platform is magical - we’ve seen 100% improvement from our prior solution and processes!”

Eva Wilson
COR3, Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery
Modernize in days, not years

Augmented RPA Platform for EHS makes it easy to modernize and go live in days not years. Likewise, users can learn how to use the system in hours, not days or months since it is so similar to consumer mobile-apps workers are using every day.

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