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Sheehan to guide company’s Augmented Robotic Process Automation Platform for Digital Inspection & Monitoring Through Their Mobility Journey

ARInspect announced today that Jared Sheehan has joined the company’s advisory board to provide strategy and guidance in building mobile applications as the company looks to disrupt the market for digital inspection technology.

ARInspect is redefining best-in-class solutions for digital inspections & monitoring with the world’s first augmented robotic process automation platform (RPA). ARInspect’s award-winning platform helps organizations modernize end-to-end inspection operations in months (not years), and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of government agencies and IoT Industries. The platform combines regulatory data, environmental data, and customer data to provide actionable insights that drive the prioritization and real-time context around inspections.

Sheehan is a seasoned thought leader with respect to mobile engineering, currently leading strategic teams that support the Capital One Mobile Banking application. He has deep mobile expertise having contributed to shipping an extensive portfolio of Android and iOS products that have scaled to tens of millions of users worldwide. Sheehan has been playing with technology all of his life and building mobile applications since Google was making tasty treats like Donut, Eclair, and Gingerbread. Sheehan is a known thought leader for bridging the gap between technology, product, and business development teams and bringing them together to build and deliver software that drives big impact.

“It’s rare and a great honor to have an opportunity to work with a mission-driven company that is making a positive impact on our environment & communities through the use of technologies. The need for mobile applications in the inspection market is massive and happening now, but they need more than just a digitized checklist, they need actions. ARInspect is delivering just that, a robust platform that automates tedious tasks of the already overworked inspectors in the field while providing automatic and actionable insights into the data they collect,” commented Sheehan who joins a growing board of environmental health and safety industry veterans to help guide the company’s accelerated growth.

“We are thrilled to have Jared join at this critical junction of our market growth and scale” Vivek Mehta, CEO of ARInspect. “I am looking forward to working with Jared and leveraging his deep mobile architecture knowledge to deliver upon our mission and empower our clients to scale their impact ensuring that our environment and communities are safer than ever before.”