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Digital platform to drive efficiency for inspection teams

McLean, VA – Dec 20 th , 2022 – ARInspect, the developer of a data-driven, mobile platform that automates and transforms field operations, will work with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to digitize and automate their field inspection activities.

MPCA is focused on preventing and reducing the pollution of air, land, and water, working with regulated parties, businesses, governments, organizations, and Minnesota’s 11 tribal nations to develop innovative, community-centered approaches that protect our natural resources, improve human health, and foster strong economic growth. The agency had digitized many of its citizen-facing processes but needed a solution for its inspectors to access and upload all needed data while in the field.

The ARInspect platform is a powerful suite of AI technologies that modernize end-to-end field operations in months (not years) and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of any organization. It empowers organizations to move away from decades-old paper-based processes to meet growing caseloads with limited staff resources and become more proactive in the protection of our communities.

Prime contractor, CGI, will implement ARInspect’s field operations platform as part of the modernization effort spanning permitting, licensing, and grant management. The initial implementation of the inspection platform will be for feedlot, underground tank, and construction stormwater inspections.

“MPCA has many unique inspections and we are proud to be able to provide a single platform that meets their diverse needs,” said Vivek Mehta, CEO of ARInspect. “We’re excited to see the efficiencies gained by giving inspectors access permits, checklists, and historical inspections as well as enabling instant upload of inspection data while in the field.”

About ARInspect
ARInspect empowers organizations to better protect the health, safety, and environment in our communities with modern, data-driven tools that automate and streamline field operations. The platform for digitally-enabled inspections was created in direct response to the government’s need for modern solutions to meet modern problems as our infrastructure continues to age and our need to keep communities safe grows. The ARInspect platform is a powerful suite AI technologies that enable government officials to modernize end-to-end field operations in months (not years), and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of government agencies. For more information visit: http://arinspect.com/