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Digital platform to support security and environmental assessments

McLean, VA – August 10th, 2022 – ARInspect’s data-driven, mobile platform that automates and transforms field operations will be used by the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (KYDEP) enabling its Bureau of Air Management to modernize compliance reporting and enforcement.

The initial implementation will be for stormwater inspections. The current inspection process takes about four to five hours on average with the need to manually configure checklists and collect paper copies of facility information in-office. Field data is collected and brought back to the office for manual entry into inspection systems. The ARInspect solution will move the entire process online via mobile devices that can access all needed inspection data, collect data in the field, and immediately upload it into Department systems. It is expected to cut inspection time in half or more.

The ARInspect platform is a powerful suite of AI technologies that modernize end-to-end field operations in months (not years) and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of any organization. It empowers organizations to move away from decades-old paper-based processes to meet growing caseloads with limited staff resources and become more proactive in the protection of our communities. This work is part of a larger effort at KYDEP to digitize and modernize a variety of business functions including licensing and permitting. Prime contractor, CGI, will implement ARInspect’s field operations platform along with other improvements to environmental management workflow.

“KYDEP has made a commitment to modernizing how they conduct inspections to ease workloads on their team and better protect the community,” said Vivek Mehta, CEO of ARInspect. “We are excited provide a solution to digitize processes and empower employees to more effectively conduct inspections and remediations.”

About ARInspect
ARInspect empowers organizations to better protect the health, safety, and environment in our communities with modern, data-driven tools that automate and streamline field operations. The platform for digitally-enabled inspections was created in direct response to the government’s need for modern solutions to meet modern problems as our infrastructure continues to age and our need to keep communities safe grows. The ARInspect platform is a powerful suite AI technologies that enable government officials to modernize end-to-end field operations in months (not years), and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of government agencies. For more information visit: https://arinspect.com/