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Digital platform to support security and environmental assessments

McLean, VA – August 8th, 2022 – ARInspect, the developer of a data-driven, mobile platform that automates and transforms field operations, will be used by the Government Publishing Office (GPO) to conduct a variety of assessments at GPO and vendor facilities across the world.

GPO is responsible for the production and distribution of a wide variety of informational products including U.S. Passports, official Congressional publications, digital and print materials of Federal agencies, and more. They also provide for no cost, permanent public access to Federal Government information. The facilities that fulfill the development and distribution of these materials are subject to assessments examining supply chain practices and security, physical security, and environmental practices.

The ARInspect platform is a powerful suite of AI technologies that modernize end-to-end field operations in months (not years) and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of any organization. It empowers organizations to move away from decades-old paper-based processes to meet growing caseloads with limited staff resources and become more proactive in the protection of our communities.

Utilizing the ARInspect platform, the various assessment groups within GPO will be able to conduct inspections digitally. A digital workflow allows inspectors to review all pre-assessment materials online while in the field. Inspection data is captured in the digital platform so they can immediately issue a report to the inspected entity and begin tracking needed improvements or remediation.

“We’re proud to be able to meet the wide variety of needs of the GPO assessment offices from environmental regulations to physical security to cybersecurity,” said Vivek Mehta, CEO of ARInspect. “Moving to an all-digital process will allow GPO to meet both the volume and diversity of needed inspections more efficiently and effectively.

About ARInspect
ARInspect empowers organizations to better protect the health, safety, and environment in our communities with modern, data-driven tools that automate and streamline field operations. The platform for digitally-enabled inspections was created in direct response to the government’s need for modern solutions to meet modern problems as our infrastructure continues to age and our need to keep communities safe grows. The ARInspect platform is a powerful suite AI technologies that enable government officials to modernize end-to-end field operations in months (not years), and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of government agencies. For more information visit: http://arinspect.com/