Augmented RPA Platform for EHS

Communities are Protected

Better enforcement can mean the difference between catching violations before they harm communities, not after.

Improve Efficiency

Increase inspectors’ time in the field by 50% and increase number of inspections/inspector by 25%

Quick Win

Modernize in months, not years and meet digital mandates and goals without spending millions of dollars.

Agencies Improve their Bottom Line

Being more efficient at finding violations can help agencies that are already tasked to do more with less.

Responsible Practices are Rewarded

Honest companies can best compete when bad actors are held accountable and oversight is targeted.

The ARInspect Augmented RPA Platform

Unlimited User Licenses
User Administration
Inspector Team Management
Inspection Checklist Builder
Smart Scheduling & Dispatch
Push Notifications (Mobile)
User Training
Basic Technical Support
Secure Cloud Infrastructure (Managed Services)
Dynamic Inspection Checklists
Automated Workflow
Multimedia Services (Photographs, Video, Voice Memo, Scanning)
Location Services (GPS)
GIS/Map/Satellite Imagery
Route Optimization
Usage Tracking Services
Routine Maintenance
ARInspect Smart Inspection Platform Upgrades

Reach real modernization, quickly.

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