ARInspect’s Stay Open solution is an innovative digital platform that enables businesses not only to reopen but to stay open by providing evidence-based compliance for the new COVID norm and not lose billions of dollars in revenue.

We are offering a critical module complimentary until a vaccine is found because that's our mission – Get America to STAY OPEN.

Financial Security

COVID-19 to slash global economic output by $8.5 trillion over next two years. Let’s start reversing that number by staying open safely.

Source: United Nations report

Health and Safety

The only way to reduce COVID-19 numbers is to strictly follow all recommended health and safety protocols in all public places.

Source: Live Covid-19 News Report

Businesses will only stay open and generate revenue if they follow social distancing and health protocols. These processes are new for almost all organizations but are critical to maintaining needed revenue generation.

Engineering, administration, safety, and access controls
Reopening preparedness and checklists
Automated rapid contact tracing
Identification and reporting of COVID-19 cases
Customers, employees, and visitors automated and self-reporting

The ARInspect Stay Open Platform can be up and running in days and provides businesses the ability to quickly scale up to the more robust platform to expand their view of organization risk and manage new protocols

ARInspect Stay Open Platform features

Check In and Check Out App
  • Customizable digital health questionnaire for employees and visitors coming into a facility
  • Customizable digital task list for employees to use throughout workday
  • Customizable digital check-out questionnaire that measures comfort with the safety measures and records concerns
  • All of this is pulled into the dashboard to give you an overall sentiment of your customers and employees.
Real Time Early Warnings and Rapid Response Engine
  • Visualization of inputs from check in, check out, and tasks lists
  • Risk ratings assigned to each location based on these inputs
  • Real time warnings and actions you can take to minimize your risk
Contact Tracing
  • Track everyone that enters your facility and who they come in contact with
  • Ease management of capacity guidelines
  • Heatmap feature helps ensure compliance with social distancing
COVID-19 Inspection App
  • Conduct daily inspection and feed results into dashboard
  • Monitor how well you are doing in keeping up with the federal, state, and local government guidelines and regulations
Sanitization App
  • Define your sanitization plan and implement via digital task list
  • Get real time alerts when sanitization of a given area is overdue

Know your Risk Profile

The ARInspect StayOpen Platform is more than a digital workflow. It combines data from your day-to-day business as well as public health data and guidelines from all major federal, state, local agencies to present a risk score for individual locations or elements of our business.

Check-In and Dashboard Access

To help businesses get started with sustainable safe opening processes we are providing a base offering that includes the check-in mobile app and access to a dashboard that aggregates and visualizes the check-in data for an overview of risk factors. You can upgrade from the base version at any time for a more holistic look at the health of your business practices.

Resiliency is the key to thrive in the new norm. Our team is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of businesses, employees, and their families, government agencies, and communities around the world.

Expert knowledge in regulatory and compliance
Proven Disaster Recovery ready platform implemented at multiple states
Real-time Alerts, Warnings, and Recommendations to ensure compliance
Unmatched Analytics, built on Artificial Intelligence and unique External Data Sets