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Because life is precious,

we are fully dedicated to improving public sector field
operations through an intelligent and data-driven mobile
that helps mitigate risks and prevent disasters.

What we do

We make field operations simple, automated and smart that empower government agencies and regulated entities to save, protect and enrich communities, environment and citizens while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance.

Why we exist

It all started after the Flint Water contamination crisis that put the lives of thousands of residents in danger. As a cost saving measure, water from Flint river was diverted to the city water system without thorough inspection and that resulted in Lead seepage into the drinking water causing massive public health crisis. Residents were exposed to dangerous levels of lead and outbreaks of Legionnaire disease.

Founder, Vivek Mehta was personally affected by the crisis and vowed to create a solution that protects the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink, roads and bridges we drive on and the facilities in which our dear ones work, go to school or are taken care of.

ARInspect was born.

ARInspect’s mobile platform transforms the way field operations are done to safeguard air, water, roads, bridges, crops, livestock, facilities and assets.

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence and smart automation, we are on a mission to empower more than 80% government agencies and regulated entities to replace paper-based manual processes that are highly inefficient, time-consuming and duplicative with 100% digital, automated, and smart field work using a single device – mobile tablet.

Impact delivered by our platform

2 Million+

inspections conducted


elimination of paper


efficiency gain
by ARI Bot


data points


increase in
compliance rate




The team behind industry’s most preferred field operations management solution

Vivek Mehta

Vivek Mehta

Founder and CEO

With over 20 years of experience working with Federal, State, and Local government agencies, Vivek Mehta has become the subject matter expert in Government Field Operations. Vivek Mehta established ARInspect with a mission of enabling government agencies to protect the environment and communities we live in through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Sonia Sanghavi


Highly accomplished, results-driven Senior Engineering Executive with 20+ years of experience architecting/Implementing SaaS applications by leveraging state of the art technologies to build enterprise-class software for Federal and State Governments; coupled with over a decade of experience Managing and Mentoring high caliber Agile engineering teams.

Tom Burlin


Tom Burlin joined the executive leadership team at ARInspect in the role of Chief Growth Officer (CGO) in 2022. Prior to that Mr. Burlin supported the company’s growth through his existing consultancy, Burlin Consulting Services where he has served as the founder and president since 2010. He has led a nearly 40 year career as a technology leader at large global organizations focused on new markets and profitable growth. Tom brings operational leadership and a new market vision to ARInspect.

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