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Bringing RPA Technology to Agencies & Organizations

ARInspect’s Augmented RPA is a powerful RPA suite of mobility solutions that deliver modernized end-to-end inspection operations in months (not years) and scales to meet the compliance, monitoring, and enforcement needs of agencies and organizations.


Everything you need to conduct any inspection you manage, support your inspection team, all at your fingertips.

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Reach real modernization, quickly.

Easy to implement, use, and scale

The ARInpect kit is built to work right out of the box, as well as offering flexible configuration options to create the most advanced RPA tool for enforcement and inspections.


Work simpler, not harder

We offer simple and user-friendly mobile applications that can go live in days, not years. Users can learn how to use the system in hours, not days or months since it’s designed like consumer mobile-apps workers are using every day.

Be Smart

The technology we use on our smartphones, shouldn't be smarter than the technology we use to keep people safe. We offer easy-to-use RPA and AI-powered solutions that help you be smart, and do more with less.

Scale as you grow

We help you do more with less by offering a flexible product RPA kit designed to meet you where you are in your modernization journey, so it works for every agency of any size and every industry.