All goods and services used by humanity come directly or indirectly from the earth and its environment. So it is perhaps not a surprise that an international scientific study in 2012 estimated that goods and services from ecosystems worldwide were worth $125 trillion per year. However, the value of the environment and people are more than just the monetary worth since earth is the only planet that can support life.

Many experts believe some of the harm the planet and people are suffering can be stopped and reversed. The challenge is getting enough people to take drastic enough action to make a difference in a lifetime. While the government is focused on protecting it’s citizens, assets, and mother earth we need to do more. The inspectors play an instrumental role in protecting the citizens, assets, and earth and we must aid them with the best technology and solutions possible as we must look beyond our lifetime.

We must look at generations ahead, understand the trends and forces that will impact these three critical components in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today. Whether it’s natural resources, protecting citizens, managing the assets, ARInspect mission is to redefine automation for the inspectors so they stop the harm immediately, protect the people, reverse the harm through enforcement, and prevent disasters.

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