Government Solutions

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn more about how we help government agencies protect the health, safety, and environment in our communities.

Each year, one in every six Americans get sick from a food borne illness


Health & Human Services agencies do important work overseeing essential programs for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Health Solutions from ARInspect help agencies enforce regulations designed to promote the public health and ensure the well-being of children and vulnerable families.

Every day, Americans take 200 million trips across structurally deficient bridges


Everywhere we look, there are regulations designed to keep us safe. From our morning commute, to our homes, schools, office buildings, and workplace environment.

Safety Solutions from ARInspect help identify, monitor, and remediate threats to public safety across transportation infrastructure, mass transit, home and building code enforcement, and workplace rights & safety.

One in five U.S. schools fails to meet EPA standards for safe drinking water


Every day, thousands of federal, state, and local environmental inspectors are deployed into the field to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the communities we live in.

Environmental Solutions from ARInspect help agencies promote compliance by targeting bad actors, while reducing the regulatory burden on responsible businesses.

Modern Government

The technology we use in our every day lives shouldn’t be more advanced than the technology government deploys to protect our communities. Our team of data scientists and engineers at ARInspect is committed to applying cutting-edge technology and best practices from the commercial sector


to transform government inspections and create safer communities for all. Achieve modernization that matters with the world’s most advanced SaaS Platform for government enforcement – Smart Inspections from ARInspect.