IDX Platform: (Inspection Digital Transformation)

Your systems today do not take advantage of data available to you to automate your end to end inspection process. That’s why we built IDX, the world’s only SaaS-based platform that uses Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to let you automate your pre-inspection process, improve inspector’s efficiency while on-site, and eliminate post inspection manual processes.
Every phase of an inspection is made better through the built-in features of IDX
Plan Better
Act Faster
Enforce Stronger
  • Compliance Risk Scores = Prioritized inspections based on actionable information generated by machine learning. Let the AI analyze the data, it's really good at it.
  • Pre-Inspection Prep = Never go to an inspection under-prepared, the platform serves historical & geographical information when you need it, how you need it.
Efficiencies Gained Bottom Line Impant Compliance Risk Higher Precision
2,404 Hours Saved
Reduced pre-inspection prep, enhanced data management, and faster measurements through Augmented Reality result in quicker and more thorough inspections.
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