A fundamental truth of the modern era: the way we communicate, work, and perform with technology has changed significantly. The worlds of man and machine are merging. Fast. No longer are man and machine separate entities, but coexisting partners. No longer is the relationship between man and machine defined as complex and opaque, but clear and simple.

The result? Businesses in every industry are attempting to understand the “perfect” balance between automation and span of control. In the past 10 years, this challenge has grown and the role of automation in industry has become more confusing as more control is being placed in the automation process and human interactions are being eliminated.

ARInspect embraces imperfect automation in the inspection and certification market. We know that not every task is designed to be automated, which is why we put the responsibilities of the inspectors above all.

The old world focused on collecting data of tasks that extend human capabilities. More often than not, these tasks were automated but the endless stacks of data were left behind. In this new era of advancements in augmented reality and artificial intelligence, we realize the importance of interpreting and visualizing this data into usable solutions. We are redefining automation by combining the power of the human touch with the power of data driven technologies.

Our team has years of domain experience in building software for the field services workforce.  At the heart of our operations are our inspectors, the life of the automation process as a whole. ARInspect empowers these inspectors to execute their core mission with Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence, resulting in far more precision and compliance.  ARInspect organizes years of historical data and turns it into actual outcomes.

Let's together Redefine Automation for your Inspections!

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